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Plant Spirit Journey

Plant Spirit Journey

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Meditating with plants is an amazing way to connect with the spirit of the plant that you are working with. We can read hundreds of books and see how others work with the spirits of these plants, but that doesn’t mean that’s how they work with us. Personally I love mint; mint helps me connect with my voice, on the other hand, my wife doesn’t. Mint doesn’t work with her in that way, but for her chamomile is a cure all. 

See where I’m going with this? We’re all different, therefore different plants work with us in different ways. Meditating with the plants and asking them how they want to be worked with can help you develop a deeper connection with them, while allowing you to receive the help you may need. Join us at 12:30pm on April 1st to go on a journey to meet different plants that will be provided by Botanie. 

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