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Soul Medicine Group Series

Soul Medicine Group Series

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A 6 week healing intensive designed to help you identify and work through thoughts, patterns, and beliefs hindering you from your true purpose. This class will be held once every other Saturday at 2pm starting May 20. After session 3, there will be an integration period (or break) to allow you to implement and work with what you've learned. 

As a group, we will first do a group Limpieza (energy clearing) to shed any energies no longer serving us and to open the roads to this healing journey. From there, each week we will go on a journey to meet the different aspects of ourselves and receive homework of how to implement the messages into daily life. By the end of the Soul Medicine journey, you will have worked through healing opportunities from childhood and adolescence and will be introduced to your "favorite" self. Gianna will be the one to host these sessions.  

This package builds from one stage to the next, in each session you will be peeling back another layer of yourself to heal, therefore this can only be purchased in full. 

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