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The Art of Egg Cleansing

The Art of Egg Cleansing

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Egg cleansings are used in many traditions to clear impurities from people. They are especially effective at removing curses, hexes, crossings, and nearly every other form of psychic attack.

They are powerful because it is both “curative” and “informative”. Once the cleansing is complete, the egg is placed in a jar of water and it’s image “tells a story”.

If you have ever been curious about the art of Egg-cleansing, join Gina on Saturday 9/23 from 12-3 as she reveals the “ins and outs” of Egg-cleansing. You’ll discover:

The 12 Steps to the Perfect Egg Cleanse.
How to “read” the yolk.
How to dispose of the yolk.

*All Participants must wear white, bring Florida water, andsage & and carry shungite.

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