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Grief Spiritual Bath

Grief Spiritual Bath

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Grief hits us in many different ways. Whether it be sadness, anger, relief, guilt, or any mix of emotion. Take this bath each day and allow yourself to release these emotions into the bath. When you leave the bath, be gentle with yourself and your emotions for the rest of the day. 

Each bath contains enough for multiple baths using a tablespoon per bath. 



First take a regular shower to wash yourself. Second simply add the contents of this bath to your tub (or brew a tea with it to pour on yourself in the shower) on any day you feel you need it or a Sunday.  When you get in the bath be sure to “pull” away from you. For example, wipe down your thighs towards your feet. As you wipe away from you state aloud what it is you would like to release. It can be any emotions, guilt, words not spoken, any thing left unsaid.  As you are taking the bath make sure to get all of your bits, your head, face, feet, you want to make sure to hit each piece of you so that the energy has nowhere to hide. Last, but not least, make sure to spend the rest of the day by being gentle with yourself.

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