Magickal practices around the world have traditionally been segregated due to location, race, culture, and beliefs. Due to this, Conjure was typically practiced and perceived in a variety of ways – based on differences.

Curio, Craft & Conjure, Inc. brings an array of tools, supplies, and services in an effort to help a practitioner create their own rituals – borrowing from those influences that “feel right” to them, regardless of beliefs or specific teachings.

Practical Magick can transcend lifetimes, teachings, upbringing, and race.

We believe it is time that the cultural identity that formerly separated magickal beliefs and techniques merge for increased power and effectiveness.

Our tools and supplies honor African, American, Asian, European, Indigenous, Latin, and Neopagan – inclusive of Christian iconography.

Curio Consults

We noticed a trend at our store since we opened. Our clients appreciate our knowledge and often call asking about ritual tips to support their interests. Each of us at Curio, Craft & Conjure is passionate about our practice, teaching, learning, and helping others. This is, in part, what sets us apart from other metaphysical stores.

These paid and scheduled consultations are designed to provide you with 15 minutes of our undivided attention so we can assist you with your unique opportunity

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Desire creates a starting point. Without it, no magick can be put into action.

Lawren Leo