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A limpieza is a way to clear energy from an individual. Gianna takes a shamanic approach to energy work using sound, plant spirits, and smoke to clear the energetic field of a person. She will first determine the compromised chakra using chumpi stones, from there she will use different sounds to loosen heavy energy in a person’s field, and different herbs to first take away the energy that no longer serves them and then use more herbs to intentionally replace that energy. Typically clients mention that they experience improved sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, as well as feeling lighter in general. 
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Ancestor Walk

We all have ancestral karma to work through. At times, patterns continue through our lineage and there is an opportunity for understanding why that pattern is before we can shed it. An Ancestor Walk is a walking meditation where I guide you through the generations in your lineage. With each Ancestor Walk, we will first determine what side of your lineage we are working through at that time, from there I will guide you through each generation.This allows you to develop a personal connection with each ancestor (named and unnamed) in your lineage so that you may recognize, identify, and work through ancestral and generational trauma allowing you to overcome ancestral patterns, thoughts, and beliefs. In healing your ancestry, you heal yourself, and future generations. An Ancestor Walk can be done in person or remotely. 
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Business Limpieza 

A business limpieza is a method aimed at purifying the energy within a commercial environment. Gianna employs a shamanic technique in her approach to energy work, utilizing sound, plant spirits, and smoke to cleanse the energetic atmosphere of a business’ space. Beginning with various sounds to dislodge any stagnant or heavy energy present, Gianna then incorporates different herbs to remove lingering energies that hinder productivity or growth. Subsequently, she carefully introduces specific herbs to intentionally infuse the space with revitalized energy conducive to success and abundance. 

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