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12 Steps to Tarot Mastery

12 Steps to Tarot Mastery

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In the 12 Steps to Tarot Mastery, we will bypass the traditional beginner’s “rote” of memorizing the meaning of 78 cards, PLUS the reversed meaning, and dive right in using your intuition as your guide.

Yes – you will develop your intuition in the process of this intensive. In fact, after this – you will be ready to “read” just about anything.

With 12 Steps to Tarot Mastery, your intuitive skills will significantly increase. You will also discover that tarot will support new avenues of inspiration, insight, and guidance.

In 12 lessons, you’ll easily learn:

  • 7 approaches to tarot reading: There are 7 approaches to reading the cards, and you will use intuition, and whichever additional modality resonates with you.
  • Setting the perfect “energetic stage” for successful readings, which makes for poignant accuracy.
  • Reading the emotion constellation in your chosen deck, to understand how your deck “speaks” to you.
  • Three very unique approaches to understanding the elements in your deck.
  • The art of storytelling. Threading images to offer profound readings that read like a novel.
  • Personal “Numerology” & “Symbolism”, an added intuitive technique that allows you greater depth & accuracy.
  • “Common Sensing Your Deck” – Learning how your 5 senses provide powerful 6th sense information.
  • Messages through Metaphors: Learning how to see messages behind the many metaphors in your deck.
  • Naming people in your client’s life (or who may soon be in it).
  • Reading the energy of your clients (empathy) for more powerful readings.
  • Tarot Mediumship: Receiving messages from the beyond for your clients.
  • 3 Powerful Timing Techniques that support your clients (or yourself!)
  • The Power of creating your own Spreads & The Celtic Cross.
  • Empowering Communication for difficult messages: Not every reading comes up with rainbows & roses. Here, you’ll learn the art & skill of communication with compassion.

How it works:

  • Any tarot deck can be used. You will find your readings will have more value if you select a pictorial deck.
  • Schedule about 30-60 minutes for each lesson.
  • Watch and read each lesson from the convenience of where ever you are – you can’t “miss” a class!
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