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Coffin Nail - Sold Individually

Coffin Nail - Sold Individually

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Coffin Nails are powerful tools with a long history in magical and spiritual practices. Traditionally, these iron nails are retrieved from the coffins of the deceased or specially prepared for ritual use. Coffin Nails are believed to possess potent protective and banishing properties, drawing upon the association with death and the grave to ward off malevolent forces, break hexes, and provide spiritual protection.


  1. Iron Composition: Coffin Nails are typically made of iron, a metal renowned for its association with strength, protection, and grounding energy. Iron has long been revered for its ability to repel negative forces and create a barrier against harm, making Coffin Nails a formidable tool for spiritual protection.

  2. Connection to Death: The association of Coffin Nails with death imbues them with a profound sense of power and potency. These nails are believed to harness the energy of the grave, serving as a conduit between the physical realm and the spirit world. This connection to death enables Coffin Nails to effectively banish negative energies, curses, and malevolent spirits.

  3. Versatile Application: Coffin Nails can be used in a variety of magical and spiritual practices, including protection spells, uncrossing rituals, and hex-breaking ceremonies. They can be buried in the ground around the perimeter of a property, placed inside mojo bags or sachets, or incorporated into candle magic and ritual work to enhance the potency of spells and invocations.


  • Protection: Coffin Nails are used to create spiritual barriers and ward off negative energies, entities, and influences. They can be placed in doorways, windowsills, or buried around the perimeter of a property to create a protective boundary.

  • Hex Breaking: Coffin Nails are employed in rituals and ceremonies aimed at breaking curses, hexes, and malevolent spells. They are believed to disrupt negative energy patterns and reverse the effects of harmful magic.

  • Banishing: Coffin Nails are utilized in banishing rituals to remove unwanted influences, attachments, or spirits from a person, place, or object. They are buried or placed in strategic locations to facilitate the expulsion of negative forces.


Coffin Nails are powerful tools with a rich history in magical and spiritual practices. Made of iron and associated with death, these nails possess potent protective and banishing properties, making them valuable assets in rituals, spells, and ceremonies aimed at spiritual protection, hex breaking, and banishment. With their versatile application and connection to the grave, Coffin Nails offer practitioners a formidable means of harnessing the energy of the underworld to safeguard against malevolent forces and ensure spiritual well-being.


Note: Curio's Coffin Nails are sold individually & have NOT been taken from coffins or graveyards.

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