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Hands-On Hoodoo

Hands-On Hoodoo

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My “brand” of Magick is personal.

Many of my practices stem from cellular memories. Others – I researched after being “led” to them. After decades of research, practice, and reflection, I am sharing some of my personal practices with you!

Hands-On Hoodoo combines theory, traditional wisdom, and quantum physics, creating a unique approach to rituals and Magick.

You will experience 8 lessons with videos that will help you know how to create the exact oils, powders, rituals, and practices to create your own brand of magick.

This course will offer 8 lessons focusing on different aspects of Hoodoo.

  • Discover the roots and power of tradition so you can determine how you can apply tradition to your practice.
  • Develop a bond with the heritage of Magick, Hoooo, and Conjure through exploring numerous formulas for powders and oils, using roots, plants, and ingredients found in your kitchen.
  • Together, we will create 6 oils and 2 powders to use in your rituals.

Conjure is a beautiful system of powerful rituals with numerous cultural influences and differences. What is “good” in one culture may be “bad” in another. Ultimately – you will choose what works for you because, in the end, Magick is personal.

The goal is to provide enough information, insight, and hands-on practice to explore, experiment, and create rituals to influence the changes you want to see in your life.

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