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Sweetening Jar Kit

Sweetening Jar Kit

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Sweetening Jars, also known as Honey Jars or Sugar Jars, are powerful tools used in ritual magic to attract and sweeten desired outcomes, relationships, and circumstances. Rooted in the principles of sympathetic magic and intention setting, these jars are filled with ingredients symbolizing sweetness, love, abundance, and positivity. The Sweetening Jar Kits include honey or sugar, a chime candle, a beeswax candle, jar, and instructions.


  1. Honey or Sugar: The primary ingredient in Sweetening Jars, honey or sugar serves as the sweetening agent that attracts blessings, love, and favorable conditions. Its sticky and viscous nature symbolizes cohesion and unity, while its sweetness represents the desired outcome.

  2. Herbs and Spices: Various herbs and spices are added to the jar to enhance its potency and align with specific intentions. Common botanicals include cinnamon for love and passion, lavender for harmony and peace, rose petals for romance and beauty, and basil for abundance and prosperity.

  3. Personal Items: Personal items such as photographs, written petitions, or small personal effects are often included to personalize the ritual and strengthen the connection between the practitioner and the desired outcome. These items imbue the jar with the energy and intention of the individual.

  4. Candles: Some practitioners choose to seal the Sweetening Jar with a candle, which is burned on top of the jar to amplify its energy and send intentions out into the universe. The candle's flame symbolizes illumination, transformation, and the manifestation of desires.

How to Use:

  1. Preparation: Begin by selecting a clean glass jar and gathering your ingredients. Focus on your intention and visualize the desired outcome as you assemble the components of the jar.

  2. Assembly: Layer the ingredients in the jar, starting with the sweetening agent (honey or sugar) and adding herbs, spices, and personal items according to your intention. Speak your desires aloud or silently as you add each ingredient.

  3. Sealing: Once the jar is filled, seal it tightly and place it in a sacred space or altar where it can remain undisturbed. Some practitioners choose to further seal the jar with wax from a candle or by tying a ribbon around the lid.

  4. Activation: To activate the Sweetening Jar, light a candle on top of the jar and focus your intention on the desired outcome. Visualize your goals manifesting with clarity and conviction as the candle burns. Allow the candle to burn completely or extinguish it safely if necessary.

  5. Maintenance: Maintain the energy of the Sweetening Jar by periodically reaffirming your intention, lighting candles on top of the jar, or adding additional ingredients as needed. Keep the jar in a place of prominence where it can continue to radiate positive energy and attract blessings into your life.


Sweetening Jars are potent tools for manifesting intentions, attracting blessings, and fostering positive outcomes in various areas of life. Whether used for love, prosperity, healing, or protection, these jars harness the power of intention, symbolism, and sympathetic magic to create positive change and cultivate a life filled with sweetness, abundance, and joy.

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