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Blessings Bath

Blessings Bath

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Now that you have cleared everything standing in your way, it’s time to call in all of the wonderful things that you deserve! When you clear the energy around you, you are creating space for things to come to you. I recommend being mindful about it, which is why this bath exists! Use this to call in all of the blessings that you would like to receive this year. This bath contains several different types of flowers, all to call in blessings, abundance, beauty, & more; it also contains sugar to sweeten and call the blessings to you. While you take this bath, treat yourself! Be in alignment with the joy you deserve.


After taking a clearing bath drain and rinse your tub or shower,then refill it adding the contents of the bath to your tub. When you get in, be mindful to pull towards you ( think up from your feet to your heart), while stating everything you desire. For example you can say “ I am wealth, I am health, I am joyful, I am beautiful.” When you are ready to get out of the bath, make sure you pat dry and do not rinse yourself (unless you’re sticky). Best done on Thursdays or Fridays!

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