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Psychic Self-Defense

Psychic Self-Defense

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Each day in our lives, we are energetically influenced mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by a variety of things. You absorb and shed these influences, often giving them no consideration.

When you study Magick, you lose the protection that your ignorance once provided while recognizing you are exposing yourself to people who are so aligned with the energies of jealousy and envy that they do not want the best for you.

Learn to protect yourself as your awareness of this reality gradually increases.

This 8 8-session program helps you understand and utilize:

Psychic Self-Defense is my popular (8) part course that helps you embrace:

  • Universal Laws: Understanding these laws makes all of your Magick more powerful.

  • Magickal Self-Love Practices: These techniques support a happier life (and often lead to finding true love.)

  • Restorative Spells: You’ll be given a Magickal recipe for 30 Days of Self Care

  • Energetic Clearing: 4 Spells (1 per element) to clear yourself and your home.

  • Spiritual Protection: Create the parameters that keep the bad out and allow what honors your Spirit.

  • Activation Meditation: Aligning you with the undeniable yet unseen energies of Heaven and Earth.

This affordable program packs a wealth of insight and practical wisdom.

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