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The Art & Soul of Crystal Magick

The Art & Soul of Crystal Magick

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If you are a crystal lover who wants to enhance your intuition, experience growth,
and transformation, while discovering practical skills for crystal healing and
manifestation, this course is for you.

During this 5-part intensive you will discover:
- Crystal Basics: The Science & History of Crystal Magick. This includes the 7 crystal
systems and why they are important in Crystal Magick.
- Crystal Communication: Understand how your intuition speaks to you. Learn how to
use your intuition to speak to your crystals.
-Crystal Divination: This lesson explores three variations on how to do a reading using
-Crystal Gridding: This lesson offers unique insight into effective crystal gridding.
-Crystal Space Clearing: Here, we will explore the science of what stones to use,
where to put them & why.

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