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Warrior of Light

Warrior of Light

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For Karyn Crisis, musician, artist, writer and channeler with a promethean creative vision, life is a quest.


And for each new journey the quest brings, the veil between life on earth and the invisible world of spirit becomes more permeable, as she finds herself a visitor in both worlds, weaving together the lessons they offer.


These stories of mundane life reveal how the magic of the Universe permeates even her darkest times, encouraging her to expand beyond circumstances, inspiring her to overcome limitations.



- died and come back to life

- healed a cat who opener her heart

- dreamed the future

- levitated

- pioneered a new singing style blending masculine strength with feminine flow

- discovered her ability to communicate with spirits...


and determined that we can create the environment we choose for ourselves, and this creation will support our growth in the direction of what we seek

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